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Frequently asked questions

+ How can I get in touch with customer service?
Via the contact link at the bottom of this page. This opens a page where you will find our contact data and where you can send us your question.
Of course, you can also call our customer service on tel: +31 (0)33 461 50 39.
+ I can’t log in.
If you have trouble logging on to our website, start by checking which error message you’re receiving. The most common mistake is a misspelled e-mail address or password. You can always ask us to provide you with a new password. If you’ve forgotten which e-mail address you used to create an account, please call our service number: +31 (0)33 461 50 39.
+ I can’t place any products in my shopping cart.
Your browser probably doesn’t accept cookies and/or the security level of your browser is set too high. A cookie is a special code used to recognise you each time you revisit the website. Thanks to this cookie you aren’t required to log on to the website each time you visit it. You can find all the information relating to cookies via the options section of your browser.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer:
Please complete the following steps to check whether your IE browser accepts cookies, or to enable cookies:
- Open your browser’s 'Tools' menu;
- Choose the submenu ‘Internet Options';
- Select the 'Security’ tab;
- Set the security level to MEDIUM: if the security level is set to HIGH, your browser won’t accept cookies;
- Click on ‘OK’.

Cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox:
Please complete the following steps to check whether your Firefox browser accepts cookies, or to enable cookies:
- Open your browser’s 'Extra' menu;
- Choose the submenu 'Options';
- Select the ‘Privacy' tab;
- Go to the ‘Cookies' section;
- Check the box next to 'Accept all cookies' and, if so required, the extra option ‘Warn me’;
- Click on ‘OK’.
+ My order or part of my order has not been delivered within the stated delivery time.
If you did not receive your order within the stated delivery time, we would like to kindly ask you to wait a few more days. Slight delays can occur if your order was sent by mail – particularly in the case of international orders. We will keep you informed via e-mail of any changes in the status of your order.

If your order consists of two or more products, you may receive them in separate packages. This can be the case if one of the products in your order is not supplied to our warehouse on time. As soon as our suppliers supply the product in question, we will send it out to you in what is known as a split order. Naturally, we will keep you up to date on its status via e-mail and our website.

If after waiting a few days you still haven’t received your order, please use the contact form to contact our customer service. Don’t forget to enter your order number and your e-mail address so that we can help you as quickly as possible.
+ What’s the status of my order?
You can always find the current status of your order in the order overview. Every change in the status of your order will automatically be communicated to you via e-mail. As soon as you’ve logged on, you can find the current status on the ‘My Orders’ page.
+ Where can I make changes to my personal information?
You can consult the details of your account via the ‘My Personal Settings’ option found at the top of each page. This will allow you to change all the details linked to your account such as your name, e-mail address, billing address and delivery address. You can enter as many delivery addresses and other addresses as you like, but it is not possible to change the details of open orders.
+ What are the postage costs of my order?
Postage costs within the Netherlands are EUR 4.95 or EUR 8.75 if the package is too large to fit through the letterbox. This rate is calculated to include order costs. Postage costs for international orders vary. In this case you will be provided with an overview of the total postage costs in the second step of the order process.
+ I forgot my password. What do I need to do?
Have you forgotten your password? In that case, go to the login page, click the ‘forgot your password?’ button and subsequently enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password in your inbox in a matter of seconds. As we have stored an encoded version of your password, we will be unable to identify your existing password for you or send it out to you. You will therefore always receive a new password. After you have logged on, you can go to ‘My Personal Settings’ and change it back to your own password.
+ How can I pay for my order?
You will find all the necessary information about paying via our website and the different payment methods here.
+ How can I subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter?
You can make changes to your personal details via the option 'My Personal Settings'. You can find your settings relating to the newsletter on the ‘newsletter’ page.
+ The information on an article I’m looking for is incomplete.
On our website, we list all the information available to us about a specific product. This information is constantly supplemented. We attach great importance to providing information that is correct and complete.

In some cases, unfortunately we are unable to get the required information from our suppliers. You can always contact our sales support team to ask for extra information, in which case we will do our very best to get the required information for you.
+ I have placed an order, but haven't recieved an orderconfirmation.
When you have placed an order and have not recieved an order confirmation e-mail it could be possible that your spam filter is blocking the e-mail. This will result in the e-mail being placed in your spam folder.
If there is not an order confirmation e-mail in your spam folder, please check if you have filled in your correct e-mail at the 'personal settings' page.